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Releasing the CAPTCHA Cracken

By Sean Brodie and Tinus Green on 20 May 2020

In January 2019 we released a blog post talking about how text-based CAPTCHAs can be cracked using machine learning. Over the last year, we have been surveying the threat landscape and cracking all of the CAPTCHAs...

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Internet Exploiter: Understanding vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer

By Max Van Amerongen on 15 May 2020

Internet Explorer has been a core part of the Microsoft Windows operating system since 1995. While further development has officially ceased in favour of the Edge browser, Microsoft continues to issue patches due to its continued use.

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Bypassing Windows Defender Runtime Scanning

By Charalampos Billinis on 1 May 2020

Windows Defender is enabled by default in all modern versions of Windows making it an important mitigation for defenders and a potential target for attackers.

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Jamfing for Joy: Attacking macOS in Enterprise

By Calum Hall and Luke Roberts on 17 April 2020

On 13th March 2020, Calum Hall and Luke Roberts gave a talk titled "An Attacker’s Perspective on Jamf Configurations" at the 3rd edition of Objective By The Sea, held on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii.

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How are we doing with Android's overlay attacks in 2020?

By Emilian Cebuc on 27 March 2020

Browsing the Internet, sifting through Android news and security articles (as you normally do on a Saturday afternoon), you come across all sorts of articles.

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Making Donuts Explode – Updates to the C3 Framework

By Tim Carrington on 10 March 2020

A new release of C3 has been made available with significant changes that aim to extend the user-base as well as enhance the operational capabilities of the framework.

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Rethinking Credential Theft

By Robert Bearsby and Timo Hirvonen on 14 February 2020

Modern defensive security solutions use sophisticated techniques to prevent, detect and/or respond to malicious actions. These solutions are effective and are starting to hit red teamers where it hurts.

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By Andrea Barisani on 11 February 2020

What you see in this screenshot is a secure shell (SSH) connection to a host, you might think that this is business as usual and wonder why is it worth showing off...

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Forging SWIFT MT Payment Messages for fun and pr... research!

By Oliver Simonnet on 7 February 2020

TLDR: With a bit of research and support we were able to demonstrate a proof of concept for introducing a fraudulent payment message to move £0.5M from one account to another, by manually forging a raw...

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Misadventures in AWS

By Christian Demko on 17 January 2020

When performing security assessments of AWS environments, it is typical to do configuration reviews of AWS services. Several well-known tools exist already that assist in these reviews and are best used with broad access to the environment.

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Hackin' around the Christmas tree

By Stefano Farletti on 24 December 2019

This year at F-Secure Consulting's offices, Christmas came early. Dave Hartley, our local Santa Claus, gifted us some new shiny smart devices to break.

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Opening Up the Samsung Q60 series smart TV

By Aliz Hammond on 20 December 2019

F-Secure has a long-standing record of success in ZDI’s pwn2own contests. This year’s event in Tokyo was no different – the same team scored major points across the board, pwning everything from the TP-Link router all...

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