com_apple_AVEBridge::submitData NULL Pointer Dereference

Product Apple macOS 10.13.1
Severity Low
CVE Reference CVE-2017-13858
Type Memory Corruption


A NULL pointer dereference issue was identified within the ‘’ IOKit kernel extension driver. 


On systems without SMAP/SMEP it is expected this could be used to achieve kernel code execution. However, on modern systems with these protections, this issue is limited to a denial of service. 


The com_apple_AVEBridge::submitData function was found to perform insufficient input validation. 

Interim Workaround



Users should apply the released security update from Apple ( 

Technical details

Please refer to the attached advisory. 

Disclosure Timeline

Date Summary
2017-09-25 Issue reported to vendor
2017-12-06 Vendor issues patch
2018-01-19 MWR Labs releases advisory